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AMSA Pre-Med Fest

WHAT IS AMSA Pre-Med Fest?

Offered every fall semester, AMSA Pre-Med Fest exposes students interested in medicine to the many different pathways and experiences that are possible in medicine! You’ll get to experience talks from medical students and doctors who’ve already gone through the process and get to hear tips and strategies that helped them and can help you on your journey! It’s also a great way to network with the greater AMSA community and participate in clinical tasks!  Pre-Med Fest is held in a different location every year! Past locations have included Tampa, Florida; College Station, Texas; and Chicago, Illinois! Keep an eye out for Spring 2021’s trip!

AMSA National Conference 

WHAT IS AMSA National Conference?
Offered every spring semester, AMSA National Conference is an event held every year that brings together pre-meds, medical students, and current physicians in one centralized location: Washington, D.C.! They host a variety of workshops and speakers to educate those on current topics in medicine, and what the future of the medical field holds. There are also lots of opportunities to network in our own chapter and across the country as well. Gain the opportunity to explore our beautiful capital during your free time!
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