Travel Opportunities

Helpful travel advice for Pre Meds:

  • Pre-health students do not need to go on health related trips; cultural awareness and experience is valuable in itself!
  • Consider completing a Liberal Education requirement abroad to continue advancing academic progress, but give yourself a unique experience!
  • Don’t go on a trip solely because it will “check a box” – find a program that genuinely interests you! Look for things that you can talk about passionately at medical school interviews–that doesn’t mean they have to be medical related!
  • Be aware of and do not overstep ethical limitations – don’t provide care or partake in activities that you are unqualified for or are considered unethical in the USA. Medical schools look into various trips and will know if a program is known for this!
  • There are a lot of opportunities! Talk to your friends, advisors, family members… etc. The opportunities are endless and you can fine tune a trip to meet all of your needs!

Travel With AMSA!

Opportunities Outside of AMSA! 

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