Opportunities Outside of AMSA

First Steps to Traveling Abroad:

  • Begin searching for programs that interest you
  • Reach out to Travel Abroad office and set up first meeting with advisor
  • Reach out to your academic advisors to plan around credit load
  • Contact any other program-specific coordinators for answers to more program-specific questions

Program Options:

Travel Opportunities with the U

Traveling with the U allows for one to customize a program to fit your studies and your own calendar. Programs can last anywhere from one week to a whole year! The opportunities are endless!

Freshman Seminars

Freshman Seminars are offered each fall and spring to incoming freshman. They allow you to take a supplemental class during the semester and then you apply the information abroad during the Winter or May term! Destinations include Panama, Iceland, Belize, Italy, and More! They are always adding new programs and they change from year to year!

Global Seminars

Global Seminars are offered each fall and spring semester to every student. They allow for an individual to take a class and then apply the information once abroad. There are a wide variety of programs available to meet everyones interests with various different time frames and travel destinations!

Travel with Another Student Group

Various student groups offer trips during the summer and winter terms as well! Examples include Biology without Boarders and Students Today Leaders Forever (STLF). They each plan their own trips with various different opportunities, goals, and travel designations. Explore different clubs and opportunities and you may find a way to your next travel destination.

Study Abroad

You can study abroad on a variety of programs with the U! The Learning Abroad Center is great at finding and customizing programs to help each individual stay on top of school, but also fulfill their desire to travel. Their website does a great job of talking you through various programs and how to start your next steps to go abroad. You can also find programs that are language intensive to help with any language minor or major. They also offer specific programs that are medicine focused!

Pre-Health Student Resource Center

The Pre-Health Student Resource Center offers a variety of trips for various pre-health students in across the globe. These programs often focus on volunteering or global health  initiatives while still allowing students to get credit for graduation. Recently their travel destinations have included Mysore, India and Chiang Mai, Thailand!

Study at Another University in the US and Surrounding Countries

The National Student Exchange (NSE) allows students to travel to other universities in the United States and surrounding countries for a semester. They allow you to take classes at another university in a different setting, but still as a part of being in the US. They have a wide variety of academic programs and majors available with a wide variety of colleges that offer the program including the University of Hawaii and the University of Florida to name a few in warmer climate.

Volunteering Programs

Volunteering Abroad

The Learning Abroad Center and the Pre-Health Student Resource Center are great at helping students find opportunities to volunteer abroad. The programs include Child Family Health International, Cutural Vistas, Xperitas, Global Volunteers, Peace Corps, and Worldteach. Each program has its own goals and opportunities. The staff at the center can help you find a program that fits your own needs and goals.


Rise Germany

The RISE program offers different internship opportunities for students involved in the sciences in Germany. They allow students to work in research labs at different universities and institutes in a variety of topics including engineering, biology, physics, and very majors. This program offers summer internships and scholarships to those who are accepted into the program. DISCLAIMER: You do NOT need to speak German!


If you have any additional questions or know of any opportunities, please contact Rachel at keena194@umn.edu


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