AMSA Bucks

What are AMSA Bucks?

AMSA bucks are a point system created to provide a quantitative measurement of our members’ participation in our group. Members can accumulate points through each calendar year by attending meetings, participating in events, volunteering, etc. Point totals at the end of each year are used to recognize members’ level of involvement. These categories can be used on CV’s, resumes, and applications. The categories are redefined each year based on the average point total of that years’ members. The status categories from the 2018-19 school year were:

  • Gold status: 40+ points
  • Silver status: 20-39 points
  • Bronze status: 5-19 points
  • General member: <5 points

In addition, Gold status members are celebrated in the spring with a brunch paid for by our chapter. Lastly, AMSA bucks are also used during our board elections in the spring. To be eligible to run for an executive board position, members must have earned a specific number of AMSA bucks, which is decided each year based upon the average participation of the members that year.

IMPORTANT: AMSA bucks totals and rankings are only tracked for National members. The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) and American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine (AACOM) only recognize National members during the application process. 

Don’t forget to sign up to be a National AMSA Member if you haven’t already! Click HERE!

If you have any questions about your AMSA Bucks please email Daphne at

View Current AMSA Bucks Totals HERE!

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